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Japan Asia Group Limited Review - Green Energy


From our start in Europe, where in 2004 we developed then the world's largest photovoltaic power station, to becoming a leading developer in both Europe and Japan, we now offer seamless and tailored packages, covering everything from site identification, financing and technical due diligence, right through to keeping the plant running smoothly, long into the future.

Mega solar - We cover everything from planning to operation. Talk to us to see how we can meet your renewable energy needs.

In Japan - We are rapidly expanding our photovoltaic power station market share in Japan.

In Europe - We have developed numerous successful and profitable solar plants in four European countries.


Our green communities not only optimize environmental value and asset value for our clients and local communities, but are central to our vision of a better future.

Measures to combat environmental problems such as global warming and climate change are gaining attention worldwide. Japan’s mid-term target of CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions reduction is 25% from 1990s levels by 2020. CO2 emissions generated by the real estate sector (commercial and residential) currently account for over 30% of total emissions in Japan, and this trend is expected to continue. Therefore, it is vital that real estate developments are sustainable and a valuable environmental asset.

Energy solutions - We offer comprehensive energy solutions from generation to savings and storage.

Real estate solutions - Our extensive expertise in eco-town and green building developments and energy solutions means we can offer integrated property management and real estate solutions.

Japan Asia Group will take up the challenge to grow together with our community, working to solve societal issues and protect our Earth, with speed in our business decisions and synergy of our component group strengths.

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